Citizenship Ambassador

Citizenship Ambassador

The Citizenship Ambassador Program seeks to recruit and train immigrant youth as Citizenship Ambassadors (CA) in order to promote U.S. Citizenship and civic engagement in the Greater Hartford Area. CA will learn about citizenship, prepare immigrants for naturalization, and encourage the civic, linguistic, and cultural integration of immigrants into the Hartford community.

The program offers career and academic development for youth interested in the field of education, social work, international affairs, immigration, or communications. It is a great opportunity for youth enrolled in a Summer Youth Employment and Learning Program (SYELP), seeking a Capstone Project or Community Service hours, College Work Study/Internship, or wanting to volunteer.


  • Citizenship Ambassadors must be  16 to 24 years old.


  • Training on the naturalization process and civics
  • Free citizenship application assistance for themselves and their families


Upon completing of the training, participants receive a Citizenship Ambassador badge and choose a track. Each track has it’s own set of responsibilities.


Candidates are invited to apply at anytime. To submit an application, click on the green button and complete the online form. Once it is submitted, our Citizenship Attainment Specialist will contact you.

Online Training

Citizenship Ambassadors will be required to complete self-guided online training courses after completing their enrollment process. The use of online courses lets Ambassadors develop their digital literacy skills and build the knowledge they need to aid others through the naturalization process. 

The American Place has made these training materials available to the public so that anyone can benefit from the content regardless of enrollment in the program.

Citizenship for Ambassadors

This course covers American government, history, and civics questions from the civics portion of the U.S. naturalization test.

Becoming a Citizenship Ambassador

This course will help you prepare to be a U.S. Citizenship Ambassador. You will explore the USCIS website and learn about the naturalization process, including what to expect during the interview.

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