Your Rights

The newly released toolkit is based on best practices and lessons learned from communities conducting rapid responses during ICE raids and arrests. It provides a plan of action for communities to support and guide people during and after a raid, as well as a how-to guide and a model notebook to help you build an inclusive rapid response team. Help empower your community by organizing and staying informed.

This webinar covered some best practices in informing your client communities about exposure to enforcement, protection against enforcement, and potential eligibility for immigration benefits.  It addressed: current enforcement priorities (as of 3/13/17); what to cover in a Know Your Rights presentation and how to cover it; what materials to distribute; the potential integration of self-screening or onsite screening by legal providers; and safety planning information. 

This flyer can be customized and used to advertise a meeting where immigrants can come to get qualified legal help and understand their rights.

A collection of cards for you to print out outlining some of the information that can be found in our Know Your Rights guide.

YOU HAVE RIGHTS regardless of your immigration status. You may be at risk of being deported if you are undocumented, if you are a non-citizen with a criminal history, if you are on parole or have a prior deportation order. To protect yourself, your family and your community you must KNOW YOUR RIGHTS. Knowledge is power. Act NOW. Do not wait. Be prepared. This guide will help you.

This information sheet is for immigrant workers. “Know Your Rights: A Guide to Workplace Rights for Immigrants” provides information about workers’ rights while on the job.

This information sheet is for public school students and parents. “Know Your Rights: A Resource for Students, Parents and Guardians” provides information about students’ rights to public education and safety at school; parent and guardian rights; how to report incidents of harassment and resources on filing complaints.

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