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Services to Immigrants and Refugees

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All Services Are Free

Citizenship Classes
Learn what you need to know in order to pass the citizenship test, and what to expect during the test.  Classes meet one day a week (2 hours) for eight weeks; weekends and evenings.

Weekend English Classes
Classes start three times a year: September for the fall session; January for the winter session; and June for the summer session.

Resources for Studying at Home
English language and citizenship educational material for borrowing and studying at home; including grammar and text books, bi-lingual dictionaries, DVDs, and CDs.

Language Laboratory
Computers with specially designed English language software with over 1000 hours of interactive instructional activities.

Computers and Internet
Help with searching for immigration information, downloading/printing forms, and registering for an email and government account. Applicants are required to fill out the forms themselves. Library staff are not qualified to provide legal advice. 

Visa Lottery Program
Each year (beginning early October and ending early December) the U.S. State Department conducts a lottery program to distribute applications for immigrant visas. Winners are selected randomly. Entry is free but the applications can only be submitted online. To facilitate the process, the Downtown Library provides applicants with computers and scanners, and assistance with using the equipment.   

Immigration Forums
Regularly scheduled information lectures covering immigration topics, such as relative petitions and adjustment of status.   
Professional Development
Regularly scheduled trainings on topics that facilitate communication and understanding of immigration issues and diverse cultures.  
Multilingual Collections
The Library offers a core collection of books in Spanish, Portuguese, French, Chinese, and Vietnamese.

Cultural Performances & Exhibits
Check our online calendar for a current listing of events. 

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Last update: February 4, 2011