Document Checklist

Attention All Applicants

Only after ALL required documents have been collected will an appointment with the Legal Counselor be scheduled. 

Your wait time is determined by the time it takes you to gather your documents. Upon legal counsel reviewing your documents and determining eligibility, we anticipate completing and submitting your application to USCIS within two weeks. 

Below you’ll find more information on the required documents based on common cases:

  • Green Card
  • CT State ID or CT Driver’s License
  • Current passport from your country or I-94 Travel Document
  • Tax returns (1040 or 1040 EZ) for last 5 years
  • Copies of any previous immigration applications and notices
  • List past 5 years of employment. Include the name of the Employer / Address/ Start Date / End Date
  • Past 5 years of residency Include Address/ City / State / Date moved in / Date moved out
  • If applicable, please bring any court disposition for any criminal offense committed in
    the United States or abroad, regardless of whether the arrest resulted in a conviction.
    Issues relevant to the good moral character (GMC) requirement may arise at any time
    during the naturalization interview. The officer’s questions during the interview should
    elicit a complete record of any criminal, unlawful, or questionable activity in which the
    applicant has ever engaged regardless of whether that information eventually proves to
    be material to the GMC determination.
  • Birth Certificates of your children under 22 years old, born after you received your green
  •  If children 18 years old or younger, and do NOT reside with you; proof of child support
  •  For each child and stepchild: Name / Address/ Date of birth / Country of birth/ Green Card number
  • Marriage Certificate(s) for every marriage
  • Naturalization Certificate of current spouse if spouse is a US citizen
  • Divorce Decree(s) for every divorce or Death certificate
  • Marriage and Divorce/Death Certificate of your spouse’s prior marriage(s)

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