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Saving & Credit Building Learning Circles

Are you unbanked or underbanked? Do you rely on alternative financial services—such as payday loans, check cashing services, money orders and pawn shop loans—to take care of your finances?  These services charge high fees that can be avoided. Hartford Public Library is a trusted civic and educational institution. We invite you to join our Savings & Credit Building Learning Circles and learn about the financial benefits and security you can receive by beginning or building a relationship with your bank.  NEW IMMIGRANTS WELCOME 

How Money Smart
Are You?

Fun games about covering a range of important financial topics.

Learning Center

Build your knowledge and skills so you can make the financial decisions that are best for you.

Credit Card Spending

Use this free worksheet to manage credit card spending and get a good credit score. You can also print it.

Free Credit Report

An educational video on how
to get a free credit report.

Paying off Debt

A series of videos on how to handle debt.

Start Building Credit

A series of videos on how to handle debt.

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