GED Prep

GED Prep Program

The American Place offers a facilitated GED Learning Circle for those preparing for the GED Exam. 


Sessions are held in person twice a week at West Middle School in the Asylum Hill neighborhood:

Tuesdays 3:30-5:30 pm

Thursdays 3:30-5:30 pm


Circle members can attend both days, Tuesdays only, or Thursdays only, as their schedules allow. Individual plans are drawn up with the instructor at the time of enrollment. This program uses specialized GED preparation computer programs. Students are required to do additional work outside of class time and to maintain regular attendance according to the schedule they set with the instructor. Additional one-on-one tutoring for GED math skills is also available to all students on site at the downtown library.

NOTE: The General Education Diploma (GED) is one of three options towards attaining a high school diploma in Connecticut. The other two options include:

  • Adult High School Credit Diploma (AHSCD): Credits toward a local diploma are obtained through a prescribed plan that requires a minimum of 20 credits in academic and elective areas. Credits for work or military experience, independent study projects and online courses are additional ways to obtain credit.
  • National External Diploma Program (NEDP): This program is designed for adults who have gained skills through life experiences and demonstrated competence in a particular job, talent or academic area. The NEDP is an online portfolio assessment program that offers no classroom instruction. An adult who successfully completes the portfolio assessment, as required, is awarded a high school diploma.

The instructor will recommend the most appropriate program for you. The determination is based on your prior education, work experience, and a placement test during your enrollment. To schedule an interview please complete the form below:

Registering and Taking the GED test

NOTE:  Students who are interested in taking the GED test in the state of CT must first create an account on On, students may purchase the 4 GET READY practice tests.  Students MUST pass these pre-tests to be allowed to register for the GED test. 

Am I qualified to take the GED test?  

  • be a resident of Connecticut;
  • be 17 years of age or older and officially withdrawn from school for at least six months;
  • not be enrolled in school; and
  • not have graduated from high school

How do I register for the GED Test?  
To register for the GED test, students must call Hartford Adult Education (860) 695-5840 to make a registration appointment. At the time of the appointment, you must bring the following documents to Hartford Adult Education 85 Edwards St, Hartford, CT 06120:

  • Copies of your passing scores from the GET READY pretests on
  • A CT state ID
  • A piece of mail with your current address proving CT state residency. 

How do I schedule my GED Test?  
Once you are registered for the test, you may go back onto to schedule your test.  Hartford Public Library is an official testing site, but GED candidates may choose to test anywhere listed on the site. 

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