Hartford Public Library subscribes to Aztec GED Prep – a comprehensive online course that helps students prepare for the GED test. The coursework provides lessons on the following areas of study and is supported by TAP’s GED Coach.

  • Reasoning Through Language Arts
  • Mathematical Reasoning
  • Science
  • Social Studies


Step 1 – Orientation First, all candidates must complete an orientation session provided remote by the GED coach. The orientation covers the online study platform, program expectations, pacing, and enrollment, as well as alternative pathways for attaining a high school diploma.

Step 2 – Assessment Following orientation, you will take an online test that will assess your reading and math skills. The test indicates whether you meet the basic requirements for the program. In the event that you do not qualify, the coach will recommend other options.

Step 3 – Self-Study Once enrolled, your progress is monitored by the coach. You will be contacted regularly to make sure that you are on track to finish the program in a timely manner.

Enrollment Criteria:

  • Age 17 years or older and officially withdrawn from school at least 6 months
  • Hartford resident (bring a valid ID or driver’s license)
  • Possess basic computer skills as demonstrated through successful completion of Northstar Digital Literacy Assessments
  • Type a minimum of 45 words per minute
  • Determined and self-motivated
  • Commit to 6 months of learning and at least 6 hours per week on online coursework

Received upon completion:

  • Free GED Test Voucher
  • NORTHSTAR Digital Literary Certificate upon successful completion of assessments
  • Updated Resume (in partnership with the American Job Center)

Orientation & Assessment

By appointment only. Upon completing the GED enrollment form a staff member will contact you.


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