Sobre el Programa Camino a la Conectividad

Crossroads to Connectivity (C2C), is a two-part program of Hartford Public Library designed to help close the digital divide in Hartford. Phase 1, HPL will be loaning out laptops and WiFi hotspots to individuals who qualify for the program.

Phase 2 will provide broadband access through TV White Space technology. Phase 1 of Crossroads to Connectivity is underway.

Once accepted into the program, the participant will meet with a case worker every other week to assess their progress and provide assistance as needed. Laptops and hotspots will be loaned out for an initial period of six months. After that, the participant and HPL educational staff will decide whether the loan period should be extended. The program is expected to serve 120 people over the next three years.

Phase 2  addresses the lack of broadband infrastructure in certain areas of Hartford, particularly the city’s North End. As a result, a number of businesses and residents do not have access to high-speed internet service.

To help remedy the situation, HPL will deploy TV White Space (TVWS) technology. TVWS provides internet access through unused television broadcasting frequencies. It is often known as “Super WiFi” because it is more reliable and has a far greater range than conventional WiFi service. 

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